Hi! I'm Kate.

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I'm a Hypnotherapist, RTT Therapist, and Living with TBI patient.


I will never forget leaving the hospital with my husband after his seven-day stay following his traumatic brain injury (TBI). I was exhausted, afraid, and had no idea what he would need or how I would be able to provide it while also working and caring for our small children. I was completely overwhelmed, had no idea where to start, and was trying to manage my uncertainty and hopelessness, keeping up a brave front for him and our girls. What unfolded next was a mindnumbing, nearly indescribable series of demanding days and restless nights. I scrambled to find resources for myself, but all focus was on the needs of my husband.


What I really needed then, was someone like whom I have become.  Over time, I learned all that I needed to in order to support my husband and my daughters as we navigated these new waters. Today, I experience life with joy. I have created a routine, a style of communicating and a way of being that has allowed our family to live a harmonious, happy life.


Upon catching my breath from the whole experience, I became aware that it must now become my purpose to be the person I needed then for others as they face the incredible challenges that are part of loving someone who has a TBI. I became determined to use my Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) training to serve family members of TBI patients. Kate Hall TBI was born.

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I love connecting with people, that's my priceless reward

Sitting at work one day gazing through the window, I was asking myself, "Is this all that is?  I'm sure there is more."   I had a very rewarding career in an international corporation with great people, but I felt something was missing, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  Around the same time, my husband sent me a link, saying, "You have to check this out, you might be interested in."  It was the Marisa Peer online school site.  And I felt her teaching really resonated with me, so I decided to go ahead and jump right in.  I am so grateful for my husband introducing me to Marisa Peer, and if I didn't find Rapid Transformational Therapy at the time, I would not be able to help myself through my husband's TBI diagnosis let alone helping other caregivers of TBI would not be possible.  

I'd be honored to work with you to live your life again, with clear understanding, solid goals, regaining the balance and strength, and live your life happier and healthier ever again.  I will hold the space for you every step of the way.  I'd love to see you grow and transform into a person that you want to be.  Your healing is available to you right now. 

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What is Hypnosis?  

Hypnosis alter the brain waves, therefore the state of consciousness gets switched from the conscious mind state to more relaxing subconscious mind  setting.  The cognitive conscious mind is the part of your mind always thinks, analyzes and often criticizes, on the other hand, the subconscious mind  is the part of your mind that is a deep-seated self-awareness that focuses differently than the conscious mind.  Also, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind  holds different kinds of information.  During the hypnosis/hypnotherapy, you have access to the subconscious mind  information that you don't normally have access to.  Trained hypnotist/hypnotherapist can navigate through the subconscious mind  access to extract the most relevant information to help you understand and resolve the life challenges you're experiencing.  Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is non-invasive, safe, and proven treatment for a wide range of issues such as stress/anxiety, health issues, lack of self-confidence, career blocks, relationship issues, wight issues, addictions, phobias, infertility, and more.  


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